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TyreJet - Tire Printer

3D printing tires - tire labeling - Tire Printer

The TyreJet tire printer revolutionizes the direct printing sector: The system makes it possible to print texts, fonts, complex designs and patterns directly onto tire sidewalls.

tire paint

Further information

The TyreJET tire printer is an interesting high-tech innovation for all areas of the automotive industry. Local service providers (car dealerships, motorcycle, bicycle, tire shops, etc.), as well as tire and car manufacturers, receive new, exclusive business opportunities with the tire printer. The direct printing system opens up additional opportunities for your company to win and repeat business in the areas of tuning, personalization, design, advertising, motorsports and much more!
Tire Printer 1.jpg
System configuration:
Tire Printer 2.jpg
Downloads as PDF:
Art On Tires_DE
Art On Tires_EN
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