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Digital direct printing

Our printing services

Direct printing on walls:
Interior design, wall art print, logos

Direct printing on tires:
​Motorsport, tuning, refinement

Digital 3D direct printing: airbrush art, airplanes, textured surfaces

Wandtattoo Schweiz
Michelangelo Airbrush

Our printing systems

TyreJet system

Digital tire printer for individual tire print


Digital airbrush technology for artistic applications & for the industrial sector

Michelangelo Artrobo
Direktdruck auf Wände

About us

We are specialized in digital direct printing for 30 years. As a corporate partner of Ricoh, we have extensive know-how. We are particularly fascinated by direct printing, wall printing and airbrushing on different materials and substrates.
We can print on any material - regardless of the substrate (smooth, rough, textured), in practically unlimited dimensions.

Our team

Strong through specialization and extensive qualifications:
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