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Airbrushing system

Computer controlled airbrush - 3D modeling software - airbrush digital art

The Michelangelo System is a computer controlled airbrush system. It is a very versatile high-tech system for direct printing on curved objects and different materials. Extremely resilient colors for applications with a long service life and great added value.

Further information

The MICHELANGELO system impresses with its unlimited versatility, especially in areas with high added value potential, such as architecture, design, visual communication, etc. The system masters direct printing on any flat and curved objects and materials and is suitable for artistic, decorative, photorealistic design, as well as advertising applications with fonts and vector graphics on vehicles and car bodies. Individual, decorative design on any objects and materials is very trendy today and guarantees increased value and profit.

- High cost savings compared to foil, screen printing, hand airbrushing
- 3D direct printing on virtually any material, including curved surfaces
- Acrylic, glass and ceramic paints for permanently resistant outdoor applications
- Innovation, creativity and value creation in numerous areas of application
- Very low operating costs

Nozzle technology airbrush / airless:
Depending on the focus of use, there are now two interchangeable print head models for the Michelangelo:
- NA - Airbrush print head for decorative, artistic, photorealistic design
- NNV - Airless print head for advertising technology, fonts, vehicle graphics and design

Both are based on our newly developed, high-precision piezo control, which makes the previous manual nozzle adjustment unnecessary. The advantage is a greatly simplified, quick operation with short set-up times.
printed airplaine
System configuration:
digital airbrush
Downloads as PDF:
ArtRobo 3D Direct Printing_DE
ArtRobo 3D Direct Printing_EN
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