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Digital airbrushing art - computer controlled airbrush

With our exclusive digital airbrush and airless system, we print on a variety of materials and textured surfaces. Thanks to unique printing technology, we can print objects with a print distance over 2cm.

Further information

CMYK + W digital printing - We work with two different nozzle technologies:
  • Airbrush: without pixels, is suitable for artistic applications
  • Airless: pixel-based, suitable for industrial applications, sharp-edged fonts, etc.

Areas of application:
  • Materials & Textured surfaces: The computer-controlled Michelangelo system overprints corners, edges, structures and follows curves. A wide variety of materials can be printed (see image slide).
  • Art / Artwork: Digital airbrushing using acrylic colors
  • Industry: Digitization using direct printing

Please contact us by phone or email, we will be happy to advise you!
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