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Tire paint

3D printing tires - Art on Tires - painted tires

With the TyreJET tire printing system we refine cars, concept cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and much more. The possible uses range from design, tuning and personalization to advertising and motorsport. See a selection of attractive custom tire design projects here:

Individual painting on tires

CMYK + W digital printing / vulcanization using rubber inks

Tire sidewall:
The tires require a minimum pressure range of 1 cm. In principle, the tires can be printed with/without rims. Ideally, you should send us 1 - 2 pictures by email.

Whitewall tires for classic cars or any other sidewall colors up to complex tire designs with logos, fonts, textures and color gradients.

Depending on use (approx. 2 seasons), car wash-proof and reprintable.

Please contact us by phone or email, we will be happy to advise you!
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