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TyreJET: The Innovative and Unique "Art-on-Tires" Printer

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Datei herunterladen TireJET Reifen und Felgen Print-System "Art-on-Tires" (3 MB)

Datei herunterladen TireJET Tire and Weel Printing System "Art-on-Tires" (3 MB)



"Art-on-Tires" -  Revolutionary TyreJET Printing System
 (New option: Upgrade kit for rim / wheel decoration)

Video starten TyreJET Video Clip "Ganz in Weiss"
Weiss-Wand Reifen - Design:
Vollflächig Weiss oder mit Muster und Text etc.

White-Wall Tire Design:
Fully white or with Design and Text etc.

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Video starten TyreJET: Kein Märchen! - Not a fairy tale!
Vom "Hässlichen Entlein" zum Weisswand-Reifen
From the "Ugly, black duckling" to a whitewall tire

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Weltneuheit   •   TyreJET ©   •   "Art-on-Tires"
Optisches ReifenTuning mit dem TyreJet Reifenprint System

Vom "hässlichen Entlein" in 5 Minuten zum edlen Weisswandreifen

Erstmals können jetzt auch die Reifen schnell, dauerhaft und kundenspezifisch optisch getunt werden. Ob Werbung, Dekoration, Personalisierung: Der Phantasie sind hier keine Grenzen gesetzt. Dieses innovative, patentierte Digitaldrucksystem eröffnet dem Anwender ein absolut grossartiges Marktpotential sowie ein Umsatzwachstum mit äusserst attraktivem Gewinn.

Starten Sie als Erster mit der innovativen TyreJET Geschäftsidee! Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden diese attraktive Dienstleistung und nutzen Sie das einzigartige Alleinstellungsmerkmal um Ihre Position im Markt entscheidend auszubauen.

NEW !  • TyreJET © •  Color Inkjet Printer for all tire walls

Baumgartner Trading AG is pleased to announce the TyreJET ©  printing system, based on the innovative and worldwide unique 3D ArtRobo technology. The latest Japanese high-tech development from Tokyo:

- Prints any tire brand: Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop...
- Prints Formula1, Nascar, Rallye and any other kinds of racing tyres
- Prints tires for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Busses, Bikes, Aviation...

TyreJET© - Unlimited new business opportunities !

Innovative Personalization
 High Impact Advertising
 Highly Visible Marking
Creative Decoration


TyreJET Technology: Wonderful new world of fashion and expression!
Creative Sidewalls - Classic, Elegant Whitewalls - Text and Logos


High Efficiency: Printing costs about 1-2 Euros per tire !
This leads you to a new path heading for further business growth. It is a dream come true. After a long run, whitewall technology is now fully revamped by the new definition of our production technology. Thanks to this innovation you save cost, keep the quality, proffer peerless efficiency, and increase the profitability of your business.

System configuration:

1. TyreJET mechanism (included)
2. Printing software (included)
3. Controller (included)
4. PC with Windows 7 or XP, Required slots: USB slot, PCI slot, PCI Express slot
5. Photoshop CS (Adobe's graphics software)
6. Air compressor (Air pressure has to be more than 0.6 Mpa)
7. Electric heater (1~2 kW)
Technical specifications of the TyreJETSystem:

• Standard TyreJET setup:
1. Main unit size: Height/ 1000 mm, Width/ 1100 mm, Depth/ 500 mm
2. Print system: Full color WCMYK (white,cyan,magenta,yellow,black)
    Number of nozzles = 7 (1 Primer, 2 White and 1 each for CMYK)
3. Printable sizes (see also Option 1 below):
    -Printable outer diameter is Max 850mm.Printable inner diameter min.320mm
    -Printable section width of tire is Max 350mm and Min 140mm.
4. Maximum tire weight: 30 kg
5. Height adjustment of print head: Max 200 mm (set with an up-down lever)
6. Horizontal stroke length of print head: Max 300 mm
7. Printing time: Approximately 5 - 10 min per tire sidewall
8. Paint tank volume: 60 cc each
9. Paints: LAC dedicated tire paints (Rewritable)
10.Electric power: AC 100 V, 120 V, 220 V/ 600 W
11.Air pressure: 0.3 - 0.4 MPa (Set up by air regulator)
12.Durability: 3 years of colorfastness. Paint is resistant to car wash.

• Option 1: Truck/Bus conversion kit: The standard setup of the TyreJET is easily converted (and
reconverted) using the optional «Truck/Bus conversion kit» (aluminium elements, software).
In this configuration the TireJET can print truck and bus tires with diameters up to 1100mm
Printable Diameter MIN 560mm, MAX 1100mm. Weight of tire up to 60kg.

• Option 2: Wheel Printing: With this optional kit (software on USB Dongle) and with the suitable
LAC inks WCMYK and the LAC clearcoat, the TyreJET prints durable and colorful,
personalised designs directly onto the rim/wheel.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q1) What are the prices of consumables, especially replacement print heads?
How many print heads are equipped on the system?
A. The printhead unit has 7 nozzles: Primer 1, White 2, Yellow 1, Magenta 1, Cyan 1, Black 1. 

Q2) Is the system designed to overcome clogged nozzles (redundancy)?
A. Yes, the system is designed to recover from clogged nozzles by correct operation and maintenance.

Q3) Does the price include all the software to operate the system? Is RIP included?
A. The cost includes the printing-software. You don't need a RIP.

Q4) Does the software allow calibration to compensate variable distances
between the print heads and the tire profile?

A. The printing software doesn't need the calibration. It is our system's feature.
Without experiencing our machine, you can't understand the principle.

Q5) Are there any limitations to what type of tire profiles this can be used for?
Is it limited only to a flat/parallel portion of the tire profile?

A. There is no limitation for the type of tire profiles. Wheel should not be attached.
It is also doable to print on a slight curved portion and raised letters on sidewall.

Q6) Does it come with the rotating platform for the tire?
A. Yes, the rotating platform (turntable) is equipped.

Q7) What is the outdoor durability of the print? Is any additional coating required?
A. It is over 3 years without additional coating.

Q8) How much ink is consumed on average to print one tire?
A. It is around 5 cc to 10 cc on average.

Q9) Is there special requirement to store the equipment, for example, storage of the
printing heads between the jobs for prevention of clogging and etc?

A. No additional equipment to maintain.

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