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Michelangelo/ArtRobo English Brochure
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The Michelangelo system, described in one word: VERSATILITY

This superb quality is achieved  by  its particular and unique digital airbrush technology, with the nozzles movement automatically managed by software on 3 axes (x, y, z), which allows printing directly on any type of rigid or flexible substrate with smooth, irregular or even curved surface.

The automatic handling of the spray group on the Z axis allows to recognise and to control the spray-distance of the nozzles to the objects/substrates up to a depht of 200 mm, guaranteeing a quality result with a homogeneous diffusion of the colour. These characteristics result in a great operational flexibility and innumerable innovative applications.


The system is designed for versatility and gives rise to new creative enterprises and new niche print market:
In many cases innovation drives the technology to cater to specific markets.

The most important applications till today of the Michelangelo system are as follows:

VEHICLES: direct decoration on body car of vans, bus, cab trucks, bodies and hulls motorcycles, direct decoration on refrigerator door casings, large staved cases and hard and rivetted trucks, fabrics for truck and armour, camper and trailer, carts for the leisure time, carts horses, tankers, decoration on glasses vehicles with covering or semitransparent decoration for internal and external visibility, etc.
The direct decoration on body car foresees the possibility to realise a long lasting decoration (up to 10 years) or removable for short time decorations
(from 7 days to 12 months). It is possible to remove the whole work with special solvent, without damaging in any way the original state of the body car. In both cases, the resistance of the decoration is guaranteed to atmospheric agents and vehicle washings.

FURNISHING: printing, special effect decoration or painting on manufactured articles in wood, furniture and different furnishings, headboards, frames, glasses from insides and outside, walls and plasters "tromp-oeil", murales and false adorned, dividing walls, false ceiling of any material, renforced glass blocks, plasterboard, expanded polystiyrol and extruded polystyrene, parquet floor, moquettes, plotted by furnishing, tapestries, paper from protected, decorative panels, furnishing complements, covering and stamping ceramic, granites and furnishing marbles, cork, draperies, venetian blinds, doormats, etc.

VISUAL COMMUNICATION: billboards, signs, great format poster, anti-wind fabrics, decoration for building yards, long lasting placards, decoration totem and advertising ranging rods, decorations for stand and fairs, advertising banners, commercial scenography, decorationson caravans/amusements parks scenographies.

HOUSEBUILDING: direct printing on outside plaster for decoration civil and industrial constructions, panels garrets decoration, direct printing on inside plasters, decoration rolling shutters.

CLOTHES: jeans aerographyc decoration, knitted goods, leathercasual clothing.
ART: realisations of contemporary art works already used by many Italian and international artists of strong relief for reproduction of copies exposed in museums, realisation of "bases" for the production of figurative works.

INDUSTRY: decoration and printing on tanned leather, raw and long hair leather, couches and living rooms leather, leather clothes; polychromatic painting of metal and plastic frames, ski and sub masks; combs and accessories for hair; sole sporting shoes; bath accessories; printing and decoration bunks and solarium showers; playpen shower; refrigerators, great appliances (hatch dishwasher machine, washers etc.) heaters, cases and keyboards computer; surf boards, windsurf, kite surf, skate board, sails boats (spanker and genoa), hulls for small, medium and large sails and motor boats, snowboard, decoration kiosks and shops on whells, etc.

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